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We are proud to be offering a variety of products of the highest quality at low prices for almost 3 decades.
Our goal at Luckys is to give our customers a journey outside of their daily routine and visit us to experience the quality and exceptional customer service. 

Our Groceries

Luckys provides a unique shopping experience. We offer a large selection of national and local brand items. Just take a walk through our grocery aisles and choose from a large selection of products.

We take pride in our groceries and understand that our customers must be served with the best quality with the lowest prices possible.

Our Produce

Taste the freshness of the fruits and vegetables Luckys brings to your family from the fields to your table.

We offer the highest quality of fresh produce at low prices every day. Inspire your creativity in the kitchen with our selections of fruits and vegetables.

Select the Specials Button above for additional savings in our Produce Department.


We take great pride is offering a large selection of Bakery products fresh every day. Give your family a sweet treat from our fresh Bakery items.

Our staff can help you choose and customize a cake for your events. We can bake cakes for a wide variety of special occasions ready for you when you need it.

See our Bakery clerks for assistance in planning the perfect dessert to complement any party or event.

Our Meats

Luckys is proud to provide you with fresh, top grade meats, poultry and seafood throughout our meat department. Due to our standards, we offer only the freshest and highest quality products available along with outstanding customer service and a friendly smile.

You will Never Find Mexican or any other imported beef in our Store. All our Beef is Born and Raised in the USA!!!

All our Meats are USDA inspected. Our Pork is HORMEL NATURAL CHOICE and all Chicken is GRADE-A FRESH.

Our goal is to provide you with the perfect cuts of meat and poultry for any occasion at a great price.

We have a large variety of traditional cuts such as Porterhouse, T-Bone, Filet Mignon, Rib Eye, New York Strip, and other favorites. Give yourself the luxury of enjoying a pleasant experience that you and your family deserve.

Our Dairy

Our Dairy Department is constantly bringing you the best, wholesome, and newest high demand products. Our products are always fresh and well stocked to satisfy your demands.

Our dairy case is also the place to look for breakfast items like eggs, hash browns, orange juice, refrigerated biscuits, cookie dough, etc.

Shoppers love our cheese selections, and other milk products. Pass our dairy case just once and you'll never be able to pass it up.

Our Deli

Our Deli has the finest, highest quality meats, cheeses and other ready-to-eat foods.

If you want a quick delicious, economical meal, visit our deli department. You can buy as much or as little as you need and it will be just the right addition to your meal.

If you have a family meal, small party or large gathering, we can take some of the work of the preparation and leave you more time to enjoy your event.

Please call for questions or to place an order for one or more of our visually appealing and delicious deli trays for your family, party guest or group gathering.

Our Freezer Products

Frozen Foods have come a long way in recent years due to advances in the instant freezing technologies. Quick frozen foods now hold its flavor like never before. Frozen vegetables that are steamed have more nutrients and taste better than canned.

Our frozen food cases have all the standard frozen food items as well as many great snack items that are both nutritious and delicious and come in packages that allow you to fix just the amount you want so there isn’t any waste.

And of course, you'll find plenty of sweet surprises from ice cream to pies and many other delicious sweet treats.

Our Customer Service

Stop by our Customer Services desk to purchase stamps and money orders. We also provide fax services and accept Debit cards, Credit cards, and EBT cards. For your convenience, we also provide an ATM Machine. 


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